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The Rarest Unique Cars in the World – Most of these rare cars were either limitedly produced or uniquely design or possibly aging. Due to their exclusive appearance today, it may fetch a large number of penny when car fans or collectors are willing to bring them home and park it in the garage of even their private car museum. And here are the rarest and most unique cars in the world.

1. Rolls-Royce 15 hp

Rolls-Royce 15HP

One of four cars ever produced as a result of an agreement of 23 December 1904 between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce was the RollsRoyce 15 hp. From the total of six Rolls-Royce 15 hp made, there is only one known to still exist. Due to its limited production and existence, it becomes one of the oldest and rarest cars on the planet. The 15 hp name simply refers to the engine’s horsepower (15).  At that time, it was a lot enough but it turns weak when compared with today’s standards. Debuted at the Paris Salon in December 1904 and gave birth to a legendary car company that is today synonymous with luxury vehicles, this first Rolls-Royce boasted a three cylinder engine and a top speed of 39 miles per hour.

2. Tucker ’48

Tucker 48

The Tucker 48 is a rare automobile conceived by Preston Tucker and briefly produced in Chicago in 1948. Known as the “Tucker Torpedo,” there was only 51 of these cars produced in Chicago in 1948 before the Preston Tucker company folded on March 3, 1949 due to a stock fraud scandal that attracted a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and negative media coverage. At that time, the Tucker ’48 was originally sold for $1,000. But today, the car’s value likely reaches $1.2 million.

3. Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing is one of the most unique cars in the world available from March 1955 to 1957. Besides it looks unusual, its gullwing door is also unique among the Mercedes Brand. The 300 SL itself is named after its 3.0-liter engine, with the “SL” standing for “Sport Light” vehicle, and was recorded to be the first car featured with fuel injection technology when unveiled in 1954 at the New York Auto Show. As a two-seat coupé with distinctive gullwing doors, the 300 SL emphasized its luxury and different class by accelerating to a then-unheard of 160 miles per hour which was the world’s fastest top speed back at that time. This car was honorably sold for $1.5 M at auction.

4. Aston Martin Bulldog

Aston Martin Bulldog

The Aston Martin Bulldog, styled by William Towns, might just be the wedgiest supercar of all time was ultimately built as a one-off testbed vehicle produced by British car manufacturer Aston Martin in 1979. It’s is an unusual looking car with only 25 of the cars produced. This 15 feet in length and 43 inches in height Bulldog was made in England but it is a left-hand drive car. Powered by a 5.3-liter twin turbo V8 engine that provides 600 horsepower and enables a top speed of 190 miles per hour, the Bulldog uses digital instrumentation and the rear view including a television monitor mounted on the center console in the interior.

5. 1969 ZL1 Camaro

1969 ZL1 Camaro

The ZL1 Camaro is considered as Chevrolet’s most legendary vehicle in the history of muscle cars. The limited production as well as its high performance leads the ZL1 Camaro to the most wanted rare muscle cars ever made. The ZL1 is a stylish and well-known muscle car for collectors and drag racers which may cost up to $1 million at any auction. The ZL1 was featured with rear-wheel drive and aluminum heads used on the also potent L88 iron block 427, and an entirely aluminum casting of the 427 engine block and was rated at 435hp and weighed about the same as a small block 327.

6. 1954 Oldsmobile F-88

1954 Oldsmobile F-88

Though the F-88 is not really rare, it could break a record for a vehicle sold by Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction for $3.5M. Unveiled at the General Motors 1954 Motorama at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, the F-88 powered with a hopped up 324 C.I.D. V8 from a 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 that produced a reported 250 horsepower was painted metallic gold with metallic green inside the fender wells. It was also featured with a 4-speed Hydra-Matic transmission used with a 3.55:1 Corvette rear axle. With only four of these stunning cars ever built, the assembly line makes it an extremely hot commodity in the rarified world of car collecting. Impressively, the Oldsmobile F-88 was powered by a 250 horsepower V8 rocket engine and a fiberglass body.

7. Porsche 916

Porsche 916

Unveiled at the 1971 Paris Auto Salon, the Porsche 916 began life as a humble 914. Covered by the addition of a metal roof, it was the fastest Porsche made, with a 190 hp, 911S engine transplant which make it possible to go from a 0-60 mph under the seven second mark with a top speed of 145 mph. There were a total of eleven models produced in 1972 and all of them were prototypes with only one was shipped to the United States. It is now housed at the Automobile Atlanta Museum in Marietta, Georgia.

8. 1921 Helica de Leyat

1921 Helica de Leyat

Appeared at the 1921 Paris Auto Show, the Helica attracted hundreds of people to put in their orders. It is an old rare car in since there were only 30 of the vehicles were ever manufactured. The car known as “The plane without wings” is completely original and unique in its design and appearance. In this car, passengers in the car sat behind each other as in an aircraft. Covered by plywood body and weighed a light 550 pounds, it could move quite swiftly along as it could reach a top speed of 106 miles per hour. What a fast car at the time. Leyat produced about 30 of the cars through the mid-1920s, and ended up in museums and collections, such as one from 1921 in the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris.

9. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible

Introduced at the 1959 Paris Motor Show, only one convertible model of the Ferrari 250 GT Spyder was ever manufactured and lead it to be the rarest Ferraris ever. Manufactured between 1953 and 1956, every other version of the 250 GT Spyder were coupés.

10. Talbot Lago Grand Sport

Talbot Lago Grand Sport

Its name sounds unfamiliar for many people in the world, especially car lovers. Though it has an infamous history in the field of car manufacturer, Talbot has existed in various forms and under different ownership right up until 1994 since it began as a standalone company in 1903. Around 18 years from 1960 to 1978, there was no car production done by the company due to the taking over done by auto makers ranging from Chrysler to Peugeot for several times. The Lago Grand Sport itself, paid as much as $2.5 million, was unveiled and produced in 1948 during Tabolt’s golden history. As a rare and notorious car, the Lago Grand Sport was available both in a racing and luxury version. It becomes extremely rarer and highly more sought as there were only 12 of the luxury models were produced.